Friday Schedule

Fridays at St. Johns High School are going to look different from how they ever have in the past.  It has been the long-standing goal of St. Johns Unified School District #1 to "Enrich the lives of children through education".  This was precisely the goal when St. Johns High School decided to modify their 5 day school week. 

Fridays are now dedicated to creating re-teaching opportunities as well as provide enriching activities to make learning come alive. 

We encourage parents and students to visit this page often to be aware of all that is being offered at St. Johns High School on Fridays!

Click on the link below to view a list of students (identified by student ID only) who have been invited to attend one or more blocks on Friday.  While not manditory it is strongly encouraged that students listed below be in attendance. 

If your student does not appear on the list it does not mean that he/she cannot attend one or more block on Friday to meet with teachers, work on assignments, partake in enriching activities, etc.

Questions about Friday's at SJHS should be directed to the High School Secretaries at 337-2221.

>>View the Friday Student Invitations by Student ID<<


We feel very confident that the changes being made will greatly benefit the quality of education at St. Johns High School and the students will benefit.  The meter below indicates the total number of student hours on Friday (based on attendance for the most recent Friday, meter is reset each Monday night). It is just one of several indicators of the success of the program.